Our services include image and design consultation for all corporate companies and F&B service companies.


Who Are We?


Uniexpress Direct Clothing was established in 2000, from a company that takes in orders of uniform to our currently position of having our own ready to wear brands i.e. Powerchef and Medixwear.


In the short span of 16 years Uniexpress Direct Clothing is currently in the top list of corporate uniform supplier for corporate. We are known to provide quality, originality and first rate services (before and after sales).


Our uniforms are now worn not only in Malaysia but in countries like Australia, Maldives, Europe and others.


We offer bespoke service that is top of the class and specialized. Consultation for rebranding and development of corporate uniforms are made available. We take it as our duty to not just design but catering to the image needs of the corporate we are working for.


We have our own design and production team who work hand in hand with our clients to achieve perfection. UDC also offers services in fabric design for the more exclusive corporate companies.


In order to provide the addition touch UDC imports yarns and fabrics directly to provide our clients a more exclusive image. We also export our products to clients from other countries.


In pass years, UDC has started importing safety shoes and PPE products to provide a more complete service to all clients from different industries.